Women of Grace Fellowship


Empowered by God’s grace

Discover Women who are
Fully Committed


Women of Grace Fellowship is the Women’s ministry of Calvary Bible Church established on 2nd February 2013 with the aim of ministering to the specific needs of women; be it spiritual, physical, financial etc. as empowered by God’s grace. The membership of the fellowship cuts across all female gender in the church from teenagers to elders – single or married.

The slogan of the forum is “Fully Committed”; that is commitment to God, Family and Ministry.

Some of their activities include:

  • Quarterly programs to meet needs through word-based teaching and prayer sessions.
  • Periodic programs designed to empower the women folks through skills acquisition, vocational trainings and financial support.
  • Baby showers – an avenue to meet and pray with expectant mothers and family and give health teachings.
  • Bridal showers for soon-to-be brides. This involves prayers and counseling by elderly women.

To effectively meet the needs of members, there are four (4) relationship group in place. They are:

  • RUBY – All married women
  • CRYSTAL – All single parents
  • PEARL – All single ladies
  • CORAL – All widows