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As clearly defined in the Bible, men are the spiritual head of families and churches. The goal therefore, is for men to identify and use their gifts and callings for the benefit of the Church community. 

Men really do need other men to strengthen them during difficult times. Men of Courage (MoC) was established to facilitate the gathering of men in Calvary Bible Church for the purpose of sharing experiences, encouragement, support and biblical study. This is intended to build men who are strong, encouraged, fortified, better husbands, fathers and men living a life that exemplifies Jesus Christ. 

MoC Mission Statement:

Men responding to God’s Call, For Christ-Centred Living, Making Impact!

MoC Vision Statement:

  • Bringing together men of all ages to grow in relationship with Jesus Christ;
  • Encouraging each other to be Servant-Leaders in our families, Church and Communities.
  • Making positive impact everywhere they go


Growing in relationship with God – through

  • Bible Studies
  • Personal Readings
  • Prayer and Quiet Time
  • Christian Conferences

Growing In relationship with Each Other – through

  • Fellowship
  • Group Activities
  • Discipleship/Mentoring/Coaching
  • Peace-making
  • Ministry Care
  • Honour and Support for Pastors
  • Family 

Growing In Relationship with the Society – through

  1. Community Service
  2. Outreach/Invitations/Events
  3. Youth Support
  4. Service First

Men of Courage Programs:

The Men of Courage Fellowship has two major types of events which are: monthly prayer sessions and quarterly seminars.

Monthly Prayer Sessions:

This is a 2-hour gathering of men (mostly those in the leadership) every third Saturday of the month to pray for men generally.

Quarterly Seminars:

These seminars are designed to be life-changing and bring men to new heights of commitment and resolve both in private life and Christian living. For each seminar, experienced and competent keynote speakers, within and outside the Calvary family, are invited to provide the inspiration and the challenge needed for overall development of the men in Calvary Bible Church focusing on topical areas of concerns for men, such as spiritual, health, career, financial, family and overall wellbeing.