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Amethyst Crew

  • This is the drama arm of the church that is saddled with the responsibility of ministering in drama and theatrical presentation to the church and to the body of Christ at large. They usually have their rehearsals on Saturdays by 12 noon and their ministration is every first Sunday of the month.

 Audio-Visual (Multimedia)

  • They setup, operate and maintain equipment used to enhance live events, offer visuals for live web streaming and live broadcast services. They record meetings and presentations with video cameras, operate spotlights, coordinate graphics used in displays. They generate income through production of recorded events for sale. They meet every Sunday at 7:00am prompt.

 Beauty and Aesthetics

  • They are responsible for providing professional recommendations to the church on matters relating to the aesthetics of the church auditorium and its environs. They ensure that the auditorium (arrangement of space, furnishings, lighting, permanent decorations, etc.) corresponds to the aesthetic design of the church. They also ensure regular maintenance of beautification materials.

Building Committee

  • This is a closed unit: that is, membership is through appointment by church leadership. They are responsible for handling the building and all construction projects of the church. They give prfessional advise in the appointmemt of contractors and vendors and ensure the aequate monitoring of on-going projects.

Calvary Leadership Academy (CLA)

  • This department has the primary responsibility of integrating converts/new members/first timers into the ministry through a deliberately planned biblical curriculum and standard methodology. This is the organized structure of the church to raise disciples of the kingdom that will help to actualize the vision and mission of the ministry through a systematic approach.

Calvary Marshal

  • This is the voluntary arm of the Security Service of the church, recruited to provide a wide range of security support services in Assets protection, Loss prevention, Surveillance, Parking of Vehicles in and around the Church premises and Traffic Control. They meet an hour before any service starts.

Caring Mothers

  • These are experienced women or mothers who provide advice, support, care and assistance to nursing mothers in their early period of nursing their babies.

Church Shift

  • This is the evangelistic arm of the church set up to take the Gospel of the Kingdom of God out of the four walls of the church to meet with non-church goers. It is structured to also cater for the physical needs of those being reached with God’s word in the motor parks, brothels, hospitals, Police cells, schools etc. It is a wholesome social-work approach with the underlying power of God to see to the transformation of persons reached. They meet every Sunday by 7.30am.


  • This is an acronym for Children Learning In Christ’s Kingdom. It is the Children Church of CBC set up to raise Godly children with world-class knowledge, rich morals and values; and are also prepared for a life of kingdom service. Their service runs concurrently with the adult church.

Community Development

  • This unit serves as an interface between the church and the surrounding community. They liaise with the community to know their pressing needs and how the church can help to provide solution.

Editorial Team

  • The Editorial Unit is responsible for providing professional support and expertise in reviewing all church publications – print, visual, audio, speech etc.


  • This unit is responsible for handling all electrical matters of the church including lighting, cabling and maintenance.

 Finance Team

  • This is a closed unit responsible for counting, recording and banking of funds or offerings received at all services.

 First Aid

  • This department attends to medical emergencies and minor check-ups during church services. They meet every service day.


  • A.P is an acronym for God Answers Prayers. This is the prayer team of the church. They meet every first Sunday of the month.

Graceful Hosts

  • They are responsible for welcoming and taking care of first timers in the church by giving them a memorable experience through their hospitality. They meet every service day.


  • This department is saddled with the responsibility of warmly welcoming church members and visitors into the church on all service days. They meet every service day.


  • This is a closed unit primarily responsible for the hospitality needs of guest ministers with excellent service delivery.


  • This unit is made up of lawyers and are responsible for educating and counselling members on legal matters.

 Lifeline Choir

  • This is the music arm of the ministry – responsible for music ministrations within and outside the church. They are responsible for creating an atmosphere of worship that brings down God’s presence. They meet every Saturday by 3:00pm.


  • This is the cleaning and maintenance arm of the church. As the name implies, this department is saddled with the responsibility of keeping the church and its environs clean, neat and tidy. They meet every Saturday at 7am in the church. They meet every Saturday by 7:00am.

 Marriage Committee

  • The Marriage Committee is a closed unit saddled with the responsibility of overseeing all marriage matters from conception to consummation. They help by preparing intending couples through the marriage process and also offer pre-marital counselling needed to have a good marital experience. They meet every 3rd Sunday by 10:00am

 New Life

  • This department ensures that newly born again persons are properly integrated into the body of Christ and are also helped to start their Christian journey in the right footing. They meet every service day.

 New Media

  • The New Media unit is responsible for the ministry’s online presence. This, they do by creating, maintaining and managing all information on the church’s website and on all social media platforms with timely and updated information. They meet every service day.

 Pastors Wives Forum

  • This is a unit for wives of pastor of the ministry where they meet to bond by sharing, praying and interceding for members and leadership of the ministry. They also serve to mentor young ladies in the ministry.


  • This department is particularly assigned to cater for the wellbeing of the pastorate. They are responsible for providing support services, hospitality and protection for both in-house and guest ministers. They meet every service day: one hour before its commencement.

 Scholarship Board

  • Calvary Scholarship Board is saddled with the responsibility of screening and awarding annual scholarship to qualified members of the church in tertiary institutions.

 School Outreach

  • TRUCALMS Schools Outreach is devoted to rendering free educational and community services to students and teachers and also promote academic diligence. The aim is to impact, influence, and prepare students to become leaders of tomorrow and also attract them into the Kingdom of God.


  • They provide the congregation with good technical audio during the course of all services, events and special programs. They work to produce the best possible atmosphere for worship through sound reinforcement. They also ensure proper maintenance of all equipment involved. They meet every service day: one hour earlier.


  • This department is the arm of the church that provides bus services to and fro Calvary Bible Church for members of the church and guests.


  • This department is saddled with the responsibility of arranging the church and attendees, ensuring proper sitting arrangement and also proper distribution of fellowship/information materials in church. They meet every Sunday at 7:00am.