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Can two work together, except they be agreed? Amos 3:3

Calvary Leadership Academy (CLA) is the organized structure of Calvary Bible Church to raise disciples of the kingdom that will help to actualize the vision and mission of the ministry through a systematic approach.

The Academy has the primary responsibility of integrating converts/new members into the ministry with a mutual understanding of biblical truths and doctrines in which the ministry is built on and developing members into matured sons that will enforce the dominion of God in their spheres of influence.

The following are our major classes and their purposes:

Calvary Membership Class (CMC)100To help participants gain assurance of salvation and to attain “membership status” in the ministry.
Calvary Maturity School (CMS)200To turn members into disciples.
Calvary Ministerial Academy (CMA)300To turn disciples to ministers.
Calvary Mission House (CMH)400Turning ministers to missionaries.

The classes are organized periodically and taken by seasoned ministers in the ministry. Testimonies of transformation and impartation are regular feedbacks from our students in each of the classes.

CLA … raising global Kingdom Ambassadors.