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Church Shift
Gospel of the Kingdom

Church Shift in Calvary Bible Church was inaugurated in January 2009 by the set-man and The Overseer of the ministry, Pastor Olumide Emmanuel, as the outreach arm of the church. Prior to the inauguration, the entire workforce of the church studied and summarized the book “CHURCH SHIFT” written by Pastor Sunday Adelaja who pastored the largest church in Ukraine. This activity gave the entire congregation a full understanding of what church shift was all about. It was then followed by the appointment and ordination of 9 new evangelists to join the existing 3 in the church at that time to coordinate the work. Since then, church shift has become a formidable part of Calvary Bible Church. Church shift activities hold on Sundays between 7.30am and 9.30am. It runs concurrently with the church’s first service.

What Is Church Shift

Church shift is a structure that is set up to take the Gospel of the Kingdom out of the four walls of the church to meet with non-church goers. It is structured to cater for the needs of everyone in the society. It is a wholesome social-work approach with the underlying power of God to see to the transformation of persons in the society.


Departments in Church Shift

  1. Street evangelism outreach
  2. Outreach to the brothels
  3. Police cell outreach
  4. Market evangelism outreach
  5. Garage evangelism outreach
  6. Outreach to the football fields
  7. Hospital outreach
  8. Bus evangelism outreach
  9. Martha’s Kitchen
  10. Help-the-helpless
  11. Counseling/mentoring unit


The church shift group brings the good news of Jesus to people in all the above mentioned places.

Martha’s Kitchen

Martha’s Kitchen is an arm of the Church Shift department that caters for the feeding of the people or converts brought in from the out-station ministry of the church shift. These include the Jesus boys, Jesus girls, hungry individuals from the evangelism of the day, and those who have gotten to know about the feeding ministry run by the church every Sunday.

The kitchen draws its resource from the church at large and individuals who from time to time come in and donate different food items to the kitchen. We do not give out raw food items, but only cooked foods are served every Sunday.

I am grateful to God for ordering my steps to Calvary Bible Church. I am 9 months old in the church. I also want to thank God for a miraculous job and a shift in my career. I prayed to God and also keyed into our Overseer’s prayer, Pastor Olumide Emmanuel. Trusting God for a better job, the Lord ordered me to call someone which I did, a meeting was scheduled and I was asked to start the job. Glory to God.