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Affiliate COHI

Calvary Relationship


The relationship between the two ministries began in 2006 when both men, Reverend Mitchell G. Taylor now Bishop and Pastor Olumide Emmanuel met in the United States of America at a book fair they both attended as authors. The meeting was a divine one and they hit it off immediately especially due to the fact that they both realized their passion to see believers live the kingdom life.

The relationship moved to another level with the 2008 appointment of Pastor Olumide Emmanuel as the Director of Missions for COHI (Center of Hope International) and his induction into the membership of the organization. A delegation from the United States visited Nigeria in 2008 to seal that union on a mission trip to Africa and Pastor Olumide Emmanuel has been a part of COHI since then and have been visiting from time to time to ensure the plan for the “Mission to Africa” project goes as expected and planned.

According to Bishop Mitchell during the last meeting at the November 2015 event in New York,COHI is now ready to focus on the “Mission to Africa” project fully beginning from year 2016 and another tour is being planned to Africa in 2017.

I am grateful to God for ordering my steps to Calvary Bible Church. I am 9 months old in the church. I also want to thank God for a miraculous job and a shift in my career. I prayed to God and also keyed into our Overseer’s prayer, Pastor Olumide Emmanuel. Trusting God for a better job, the Lord ordered me to call someone which I did, a meeting was scheduled and I was asked to start the job. Glory to God.