“If you are not in the know you cannot be in the flow”



The Church vision (what we seek to “be”) is to be a Recruitment Centre, Teaching Centre and a Laundry Centre . As a Recruitment Centre for God’s Kingdom from the enemy’s camp- (Psalm 2:8). Teaching Centre in opening the eyes of believers to the realities of Christ’s finished work- Hosea 4:6 and a Laundry Centre in preparing the saints for the second coming of Christ – John 14: 1-3.



Calvary Bible Church is a bible believing, full gospel, prophetic and Apostolic church with a mission:
To raise a people of Power, Purpose, Purity and Maturity
To raise them with a Global Mentality
And through them, Establish God’s kingdom
And through them, advance the Kingdom of God.



Corporate: Excellence in all things Daniel 1:8, 5:14-16, 6:3-4
Modest: Order and Righteousness 1 Cor 14:40
Worded: Word-based in all things John 1:14