This department of the church is responsible for integrating new converts and first time guests into the church membership and workforce by taking them from the ‘crowd’ into the ‘core’.

Our objectives are:

To develop

1.       New Converts into Saints

2.       Saints into Members

3.       Members into Disciples

4.       Disciples into Ministers

5.       Ministers into Missionaries and

6.       Missionaries into Leaders

We make bare in our classes the core beliefs and doctrines of the church as established in the scriptures.

We have 5 Integrative Processes and Levels:

-Calvary Membership Class (100-level)

-Calvary Maturity School (200-level)

-Calvary Ministerial Academy (300-level)

-Calvary Mission House (400-level)

-Calvary Leadership Programme (500-level)



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